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Richard A. Rozanski, APLC
2312 South MacArthur Drive
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Alexandria, Louisiana 71315-3199

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Business and Commercial Law

We provide a full range of legal services to our commercial and business clients. Initially, we assist in selecting the type of organization best suited for the client.  We establish the corporate entity and prepare all collateral agreements such as operating agreements, shareholder agreements, non-compete contracts, and all other necessary documents.  For an established business, we conduct contract negotiations, purchases, and prepare financing arrangements, and serve as general legal counsel.  We have extensive experience in transactional work including business and/or asset purchases, mergers and acquisitions, and real estate development.

Real Estate

Our firm is experienced in individual and commercial real estate transactions. We consistently assist individual consumers, investors and commercial clients in the sale and purchase of real estate throughout Louisiana and in Mississippi.  Richard A. Rozanski is a licensed title insurance agent for First American Title Insurance Company and authorized to insure land purchases in both Louisiana and Mississippi.  We offer statewide services to mortgage companies and banks and are approved by major lenders to conduct closings on their behalf.  Our services include pre-purchase advice such as preliminary title information, abstract review, survey review, closing information, costs, financing options and curative title work.  From a commercial perspective, we assist the developer or investor beginning with the initial title evaluation of the site, potential problems with zoning ordinances and local regulations, environmental phase review, compliance with wetland and departmental regulations, identification of survey and right of way issues, and general investor concerns unique to the potential site.

Foreclosure/Loss Mitigation/Real Estate Owned

The members of the firm have extensive experience in foreclosure of real property and movables.  Richard A. Rozanski has been representing lending institutions for over 20 years in Louisiana and Mississippi in judicial foreclosures/replevin of real property and movable property.  Additionally, as an alternative to foreclosure the firm has negotiated transactions to accomplish loss mitigation by executing Dation en Paiements, deeds in lieu of foreclosure and short sales. Once the lending institution has reclaimed the property by either judicial or non-judicial process we are able to negotiate the sale of the property through individual or bulk real estate owned property.

General Litigation

The firm offers a combined 47 years of litigation experience and serves its clients in all State and Federal Courts in Louisiana and in selected courts in Mississippi and other Federal Courts in multiple states.  The firm litigates commercial, municipal and public authority cases.

Personal Injury

We provide quality representation to clients who have sustained injuries, property damage, or have become involved in disputes with others as a result of accidents, negligence of others, defective products or other misconduct.

Banks and Banking

The firm represents several local and regional banking clients and stands ready to assist clients with general banking issues, foreclosure and collection matters, secured transaction issues and other banking related matters.

Municipal Litigation and Defense

Municipal litigation involves the defense of cities and counties in State and Federal Courts.  The firm litigates commercial, municipal and public authority cases.

Public Authorities

Our attorneys are actively involved in community service and professional organizations.  We believe that the participation of our attorneys in civic, charitable and pro bono projects is not only a worthy objective of our profession but also enhances the ability of our attorneys to better understand our clients and their unique challenges.


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